9th Biennial ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

Call for papers for the 9th Biennial ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

The types of submissions considered include:

  1. Presentations where an abstract is reviewed (abstract in the conference proceedings). Plan for a 15 minute presentation with 5 minutes for questions.
  2. Short videos - including a student short video competition (abstract in the conference proceedings). Videos must be in a web ready format and be less than
    5 minutes in duration. Videos to be published on the conference website.
  3. Poster - including a student poster competition (abstract in the conference proceedings).
  4. Panel - 90 minute roundtable / panel discussion
  5. Plenary - 90 minute keynote

Some suggested topics include:

  • Multi-method and mixed methods research
  • Longitudinal data analysis
  • Arts-based research
  • Ethnographic approaches
  • Cognitive testing / cognitive interviews
  • The use of administrative data for social and political research
  • Tools for data visualisation
  • Innovative research methodologies and collaborations in consumer policy and protection
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Panel studies
  • Data dissemination and use of secondary data
  • Dataset specific sessions (e.g. AuSSA, HILDA, AES)
  • Social media network and text analysis

Please use these topics as guides as papers on any aspect of social science methodology will be considered. The conference attracts a wide variety of papers from HDR students to very established researchers. We encourage researchers at all levels to submit abstracts.

You can enter proposals until 2024-09-20 23:59 (Australia/Melbourne), 2 months from now.