7th Biennial ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

Data visualisation using Stata - beyond the scatter plot and bar graph
2020-12-01, 13:00–14:30, Zoom Breakout Room 1

Effective presentation of information is key to the communication of the results of analysis by social researchers. Stata is regarded as a highly powerful application for the creation of graphics. This workshop teaches participants some of the lesser known techniques for graphics in Stata. In this workshop we will cover:
1. Saving your graph, which option is best.
2. Tweaking your graphics using the graph editor
3. Using the graph recorder - creating reproducible graphics in the graph editor
4. Using fonts in graphics
5. Creating Choropleth maps to present information geographically
6. Creating gifs to add motion to your data visualisations

This workshop is suited for people using Stata to present their information on-line, in journals, posters and articles. It will be suitable for new users of Stata, intermediate and advanced users of Stata.

This workshop is presented by Survey Design and Analysis Services (SDAS) the distributor of Stata in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand. The presentation will be jointly presented by David White and Laura Whiting of SDAS. Laura provides much of the Stata technical support for SDAS. She blogs about Stata on the SDAS technical tips website at https://www.techtips.surveydesign.com.au. David is an experienced data analytics consultant. He works with clients to develop appropriate data management frameworks, security and availabilty, all with the view to help his clients have assurance that their data is effectively controlled and presenting results with integrity.

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