7th Biennial ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

Metaphor identification as a methodological tool in social science research.
2020-12-02, 16:25–16:40, Zoom Breakout Room 3

Metaphor has been fundamental to understanding a range of social psychological phenomena. In this presentation, a metaphor identification method is introduced that can be readily applied to the field of social science, specifically, vocational psychology research and practice. A practically-orientated demonstration of the Metaphor Identification Procedure Vrije Universiteit is applied to an illustrative sample of student testimonials from university promotional videos from Australia and Norway. Metaphors as understood through conceptual metaphor theory offer a window to explore their influence on the attitudes and behaviours of their audiences. This systematic means of metaphor identification can effectively extend the scholarly work on career metaphors and offer an analytical rather than intuitive method for investigating metaphor in language and communication.
Keywords: career; higher education; linguistics; metaphor; narratives; MIPVU

Conference theme:
Research methods and techniques

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