7th Biennial ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

projectable – a new approach to tabling in R
2020-12-03, 11:10–11:25, Zoom Breakout Room 1

Producing output tables is an exceedingly manual activity, particularly when tabling complex statistics with associated metadata. When preparing large numbers of tables for presentation or publication, providing different views of the same result set can require large amounts of re-processing and fiddly manual combination and reshaping of outputs.

Inspired by the gt R package (https://gt.rstudio.com/), we present an experimental proof of concept for a new tabling approach with an accompanying R package, projectable.

Designed to easily support flexible specification and table manipulation, this approach treats a table as a collection of calculations with accompanying metadata rather than simple values. It aims to support easily moving from specification to data production to presentation of results by treating an output table as a “projection” of complex results.

This presentation introduces the architecture and approach behind the package and provides some simple practical examples of real-world use cases.

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