7th Biennial ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

Julie de Jong

Julie de Jong is a survey methodologist in the International Unit within the Survey Research Center, and holds a Master’s Degree in Survey Methodology from the University of Michigan. She has managed numerous mono-country surveys as well as several large cross-cultural surveys, with a focus on promoting survey research best practices, specifically in countries with limited survey research capacity and infrastructure. She has authored and co-authored numerous invited book chapters and journal articles, has conducted an external quality assessment for a large 3MC survey, and has contributed extensively to the Cross-cultural Survey Guidelines, an online resource for the design and implementation of international, multinational, multiregional, and multicultural surveys. She has also conducted complex analyses and co-authored several publications examining measurement error resulting from both interviewers and the interview setting in cross-national surveys.


Resources for Survey Research in International and Comparative Contexts

Survey research carried out in international settings and in the comparative context of multinational, multicultural, and multiregional (3MC) surveys presents a set of unique methodological challenges. In recent years, a number of freely available resources have been developed to inform both researchers and survey practitioners on theory, operational procedures, and best practices relating to international and comparative research. This video will briefly showcase essential ideas in several of these resources organized by the Survey Research Center International Unit at the University of Michigan, including: 1) a series of online video short courses which provide introductory and foundational background for topics related to key stages of the survey lifecycle in international and 3MC settings; and 2) the Cross-Cultural Survey Guidelines, developed to promote internationally recognized best practices for the design and implementation of 3MC survey. The video will also provide an overview of other efforts in the field of international and comparative research. Lastly, a summary of recommendations from the forthcoming Joint AAPOR/WAPOR Task Force on Quality in Comparative Surveys will be discussed.